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Mon Jul 7
Bucks County is aging....
...faster than the surrounding counties!
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Census:Bucks County aging fastest in Philly region

According to figures recently released by the U.S. Census, Bucks County isaging faster than any other area in the Philadelphia region. In just threeyears, the median age of Bucks residents rose from 40.8 to 43.1 years old. Theoldest populations in the county remain in the big, rural communities of West Rockhill(median age 51.1 years); Tinicum (50.6); and Durham (48.9). By contrast, thetiny boroughs are filled with a younger set: New Britain (median age 31);Langhorne Manor (33); Dublin (34); and Telford (34.9). The median age inneighboring Montgomery County rose from 40.6 to 41.2 years between 2010 and2013, according to the Census. Every other county in suburban Philadelphia ishost to a younger median population as well: Chester County at 40.1; DelawareCounty at 38.8; and Philadelphia at 33.8.
Source: Bucks CountyCourier Times; 6/26/2014