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Wed Nov 2
Savvy Social Security Planning Workshop
...at the Wrightstown Library
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On Wednesday, November 9th, Jeffrey Beyer, a retirement and estate planning specialist, will be presenting this workshop at 2 different times - the first will be at 2:00pm and then later that evening at 7:00pm. At the workshop you will learn:

  • 6 factors to consider for deciding when to start taking benefits;
  • Innovative strategies for coordinating benefits with your spouse;
  • How to coordinate benefits with other sources of income;
  • How to minimize taxes on your benefits; and
  • Special riles on benefits for divorced spouses

I've been to a couple of different workshops presented by Mr Beyers and I can attest to the fact that you will learn something you didn't know which will benefit you.
Registration is required - please call 215-860-3101.